Kenya Village Project

Two Villages

The Kenya Village Project documents the inspiring development story of two communities in eastern Kenya: Loodariak and Kithuia. Both have experienced transformation through technology and education that are changing the future of children and adults, but especially for girls and women.

Solar Technology

The power of the sun in a deceptively simple piece of technology – the Solar Cooker – has changed the lives of Kithuia villagers in rural Kenya. Theirs is a story of economic, environmental and educational transformation. Loodariak villagers in Kenya are beginning to introduce cooking with the sun into their community.

Educating The Girl Child

Girls and women in Kenya are disadvantaged economically and socially, with limited access to education as the primary factor. Without access to education, girls and women lack opportunities in wage sector employment and in political, economic and judicial decision making.

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On-going research and development by Ryerson University in collaboration with World Vision Canada and Solar Cookers International is assisting communities in Kenya to advance education, improve economic empowerment and introduce technologies that make positive change to quality of life. 


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