Kithuia Village

The Community

Kithuia Village is located north-east of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, in the Machakos region. In 2014 it had a population of over 15,000 villagers and 2000 homes. The residents belong to the Kamba tribe, with Kamba as their principal language. The community has five primary schools and one secondary school. Most of the village students must leave the village to find places in other secondary schools in other regions. The population is 99% Christian.

The Challenge

The community is primarily agricultural, growing crops and livestock. It is dependent on an inefficient water system from the river dam and on limited electrical distribution. The region has faced periodic severe droughts, failed crops, deforestation and hunger. There is limited access to health services. Many of the children were orphaned by the AIDS pandemic in their region and some of the village children could not afford to go to school.

Additional reading about the Kamba

Mani, Joseph Muya

Cultural Patterns from the Kamba Tribe.


The Kamba people are  found in the eastern part of Kenya. They are one tribe out of the forty two tribes found in Kenya and they make up about 11% of  Kenya’ s total population. They belong to a larger sub-group known as the Bantu who are believed to have migrated from the Congo-Zaire region in Africa. The Kamba culture is collectivist with individual needs second to the needs of the extended kin group.

David Solomon

Kamba, The People


The Kamba were involved in long distance trade during the pre-colonial period. The  family is central to the life of the Kamba community. This article examines several facts and figures about the tribe, including languages, population, location, way of life, and religion.

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