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Ekiteng (Cow) Education Scholarship Fund 2012

At the Loodariak Convocation Teriano announced the creation of the Loodariak Ekiteng (Cow) Youth Education Fund. 70% of the scholarships were to go to girls, long denied access to education. Ryerson President Levy and Chancellor Chang donated cows and money to fund the initial educational scholarships. Teriano’s father and other elders followed suit and made history as the first men formally to support girls’ education in her village. Sixteen cows were donated, making it possible to establish the Ekiteng Education Fund. Over 350 scholarships have been awarded to girls and boys as of 2016.

Loodariak Primary Boarding School 2016

Ryerson University and Teriano sought a World Vision Canada grant to support the building a Primary Boarding School for girls in Loodariak. They also held fundraising events and campaigns.

A dormitory with beds, lighting, and desks was completed in December 2015 to house girls and a matron. This allowed the girls to stay in school year round and have the proper resources to study and perform well in their education. There was a rise in the grades for the girls who boarded compared to those who did not.

Traditionally few young Loodariak Maasai girls attend or do well in school, compared to Maasai boys. Many travel long distances on foot to and from school, crossing rough and dangerous terrain with risks of encountering wild animals and strangers. Maasai girls are responsible for various house chores which conflict with their studies. Their homes also lack the electricity and the furniture that would allow them to study. Many drop out of school early for arranged marriages or from teenage pregnancy.

The dormitory provides them with a safe and equipped facility to continue their studies and end the issues they face during their commute to school and at home.

Institutional Collaboration

The County Government of Kajiado, through the Office of the District Governor David Nkedianye, is negotiating with Ryerson University to transfer identified educational, technological and entrepreneurial knowledge to Kajiado County.

SupaMaasai Foundation 2012

With the assistance of Ryerson University, the SupaMaasai Foundation was established by Teriano and her Maasai Loodariak community in August 2012. In the same year it was registered in Kenya and in 2015 began the registration process as a non-profit organization in Canada.

Through SupaMaasai, Teriano and her team have set out to change the status quo for Maasai girls through advocating and providing financial support for girls’ education, empowering women through entrepreneurship, working with men, women, and youth on gender equality issues, and ensuring that the next generation of Maasai preserve their culture while addressing human rights and social issues that need to change.

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