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What is the Kenya Village Project?

This is a social innovation, research and education project developed by Sociology Professor Jean Golden of Ryerson University, in Toronto Canada, supported by research grants from the University since 2012. It was designed to assist and tell the stories of community development of two rural villages in eastern Kenya. The Kenya Village Project works collaboratively with NGO’s, community groups and individuals committed to progressive change.


Where to begin:

Two Villages, Loodariak and Kithuia explore the inspirational stories of these two villages in text, photos and video. 

Solar Technologies and Education of the Girl Child cover major development issues and solutions in rural villages in Kenya. Each section contains in-depth academic and internet information, and audiovisual materials. Every resource has a description to assist the visitor to these sections of the site.

Both major issues are tied into the United Nations Millennium Goals 2015.

Teaching Modules suggest ways to introduce these materials into student and community settings. (In Revision)

How To Help. You can make a difference for the people of Loodariak and Kithuia. A Solar Cooker, Fireless Basket or educational sponsorship of a child can transform community health and nutrition, gender relations, economic development and the environment. Donate to Kithuia. A support link for the Loodariak Kenya Village Project will be available January 2017.

Contact Us

Written, audio-visual materials and content suggestions are welcomed. Please contact The Kenya Village Project here.

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