UN Millenmium Development Goals 2015

United Nations Millennium Goals

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1eradicatepovertyGoal One: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

Solar Technologies lead to

    • Increased alternative sources of income for women
    • Cost reduction because solar cookers are cheaper than firewood
    • Reduced reliance on costly fuels


 2achieveeducationGoal Two: Achieve Universal Primary Education

Solar Technologies lead to

    • Reduced labour intensive cooking and firewood collection for children, especially girls
    • More time to attend school and do homework
    • Solar lights at night for studying


 3genderequalityGoal Three: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

Solar Technologies lead to

    • Women trained to use solar cookers and to share knowledge with other members
    • New employment opportunities
    • Improved status of women in the community
    • Decreased gender violence


Goal Four: Reduce Child Mortality

Goal Five: Improve Maternal Health

Goal Six: Combat HIV, Malaria and Other Diseases

Solar Technologies lead to

    • Reduced diseases and death from bacteria in water and food
    • More nutritional food and less malnutrition
    • Healthier pregnancies
    • Reduced toxins and pollution from fire cooking
    • More money available for food and other essential items


7environmentGoal Seven: Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Solar Technologies lead to

    • Reduction in use of wood and other polluting and costly fuels
    • Decreased deforestation and desertification from firewood collection
    • Decreased flooding and soil erosion
    • Reduction of CO2 emissions annually


8globalpartnershipGoal Eight: Global partnership for Development

    • World NGO’s and academic institutions research assisted technologies
    • International Sate governments and agencies, NGO’s and individuals funding and providing solar technologies


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